Thursday, November 22, 2012

OWL @ HarajukuxTurin Fashion Promenade

Hi Gals!

Today we're here to tell you about the Harajuku Fashion Promenade (Walk) in Torino OWL is going to patecipate to!

Click on the picture below to see the facebook event!

Is lolita-kei your passion? Do you love the fashionable style of  the blithe and funny Gyaru, Gyaru-o, and Yamamba? Do you prefer  the school uniform of Shibuya's Joshi Kosei?  Would you like to be a super- accessoraized  Decora, a pastel Fairy or a lot of other fashion styles like Visual-kei&CO? Have you ever wandered about spending a Sunday afternoon in the "legendary" Harajuku area? For those who love or dream Tokyo, its culture, its music and its many extravagant styles , there are good news. This event is for you! LET'S MEET! The “HxT Fashion Promenade” wants to take in Turin the colors, the fun and all the styles of the most fashionable and popular Tokyo areas! Do you want to take a little bit of Harajuku in Turin?
Let's meet in Piazza Arbarello, Sunday, December 2, 2012, at 2:30 p.m.!
Our route will be:
 P.zza Arbarello --> Via Garibaldi -->P.zza Castello --> Via Po --> P.zza Vittorio Veneto.

What are you waiting for? Join this fantastic event and let's have fun all together~


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