All About OWL

OWL (Odd Western Lollipop) is an Italian group of people who are interested in Japanese Street Fashion.
We promote Harajuku Fashion with events, workshops, videos, blog posts and by wearing our favourite styles almost everyday.
We just want to share our passion for fashion and have fun, supporting each other.

Our goup was born in November 2012.
The current members are Rika, Haru and Shane.
Owlets are: Momo

We're not looking for members right now, but subscritions are open for joining the Owlets.
Just look for us on facebook and send us a personal message~

We're also looking for pojects , collaborations, events and so on. So don't be afraid and contact us whenever you want! We'll be glad to take a view of any idea!

Odd Western Lollipop is about and having a fun being yourself. Be crazy and be original! This is the perfect recipe for a lot of fun!
"Follow the a wolf!"


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