How to be an Owlet

What is an Owlet?

An Owlet is someone who appreciates OWL's work and behavior.
An Owlet works for support Odd Western Lollipop members and OWLs work for support him/her back.
An Owlet can be part of every OWL project and OWL can be part of an Owlet project if he/she ask to.
Almost every Owlets project will be promoted by Odd Western Lollipop.

How do I become an Owlet?

If you love Japanese Fashion and you're full of energy and good will, you're the perfect candidate to be an Owlet!
Just contact us on our facebook page or leave a comment below.
We're waiting for you!


  1. Che cosa è con il "Segui il gregge ... come un lupo" cosa??? Io non lo capisco.

    1. Scusa il ritardo, Blogspot aveva segnalato tutti i commenti come spam.
      E' solo un motto. Un incoraggiamento, direi.