Monday, November 18, 2013

Lucca Comics and Games 2013

Hi owlets!
We're finally back posting on our blog after the Lucca Comics and birthday time.
Lucca Comics was amazing so we really wanted to write the first post about our journey.
Let's start!

Day 1 - October 31

We were in Trickster inspired outfits because we traveled that day and we needed to be confortable.

We did our make up on the train for Pisa

Then we went to the hotel, dressed up as trickster!ourselves and  it was so fun!
Obviously almost everyone knew about Lucca Comics. 

So we fixed our outfits and took another train to Lucca.

We immediatly found someone we know even if we didn't expect it at all.
She's Roberta in her amazing Jack Skellington cosplay~

We spent our day going around and taking pictures with a lot of characters we love.
She's an Excel (from Excel Saga) cosplayer~

We also found someone from Homestuck!
They're Elena, Ire and Cloe as Kankri, Karkat and Nepeta~

So basically we spent the rest of our day chatting and doing some shopping.

Day 2 - November 1

The day of the National Harajukuju Fashion Walk by Usagi in collaboration with the Harajuku Walks of Pescara, Milano and Torino. We were there representing Torino, obviously, and we had a lot of fun despite how difficult it was to have our way through the crowd. Everyone had a super cute outfit and we met a lot of people~
We woke up early again to get ready for the walk

and we helped Irene with her Bellatrix cosplay~

So these were our outfits.

Haru was in aomoji, Rika in lolita and Shane in kodona.

We took some pictures before the walk...

...and Haru met Gamzee!

Also, Roberto Brolli  took some pictures of us.
(Thank you again for the amazing quality of the shooting)

And then it was time for the Harajuku Walk!

Our picture with Tokyo Dolores ~

and here are the final pics, where we started feeling really tired and you all can see it on our faces!

Special mention for Jacketsaur.

Day 3 and 4 - November 2 and 3

 Cosplay time!
We were in a Kuroshitsuji group. Thanks to Luca, Stefania and Irene.
Our costumes were a little too bulky to take pictures, anyway..

Special thanks to Any for joining the puffy skirts club. lol

Stay tuned,


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