Monday, January 14, 2013

Dance Dance Revolution Meet

Hi Owlets!
Yesterday we had our Dance Dance Revolution meet!
We often hang out in Cuneo or nearby, and we were so exited when someone told us they were going to put Dance Dance Revolution in a little game room there!
We needed to finally try it out, so our first meet after the notice was the Dance Dance Revolution one!

First of all, we planned some meet and we decided some para para routines to learn.
You can find our new meets in the "Calendar" page, here on our blog!
We added five new meets!

And we also decided to learn our first para para routine, Ike Ike from Hinoi Team.

We chatted a little in the fast food having flat bread, chips and coke.
Shane kindly went to buy them, while Haru and Rika were planning the last few things about future meetings.

And finally Dance Dance Revolution Time arrived!

We don't have much pictures, because you will see us playing DDR Extreme in our video!
Don't miss it!

Last pictures before going home!



  1. Whoaa! I wish I had friends to hang out with!
    So cool! I guess your gyaru-sa is better than
    some other popular gaijin circles....
    Keep doing your great work ♥

  2. Thank you very much for the compliments! :D

    And remember it's never too late to make new friends and have fun with them!

    Thanks for the comment~

  3. aww you have DDR;_; I wish we'd have it here. We just have a sucky arcade with a dance game that it way too strange xD

    1. It was an event here, to see DDR. xD We never saw it before and then it showed up in a cinema. lol We were so happy!
      Btw, we're sorry for the late reply, but we had a little spam problem~