Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OWL! [Odd Western Lollipop]

Hi Owlets!
This is OWL's first post on our blog and we're all soooo exited! o(´∇`*o)(o*´∇`)o

We already wrote all the informations about us in the tabs you can see above!

All About OWL -> You can find more about Odd Western Lollipop, its history, its motto and what are we looking for at the moment!

OWL Members -> You can find our members' name, favourite magazine, blood type and a recent picture.

Links -> You can find OWL in other websites. For now we only have a Facebook (and a Youtube in a few days)

OWL Calendar -> You can find our meet ups, where they are and if they're open to guests or not.

How to be an Owlet -> What is an Owlet and how to be an official one!

We really want to thank you for visiting our blog. Even a single visit is a big support for us!

(。TωT)ノ☆・゚:*:Thank you so much♪


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