Friday, January 10, 2014

Harajuku Fashion Walk #3

Hi Owlets!

Today we'll tell you more about the last Harajuku Fashion Walk in Turin!
Odd Western Lollipop organized it with Chiyuki!
We wore Christmas inspired outfits since it was 22th of December, a lot of people joined us, and we were so happy about it!
We went for a walk in Turin and at the end, we went in a cafè to drink something hot and gave our Christmas gifts to the partecipants!

Rika was in lolita


Shane was in kodona

 Haru was in aomoji

And of course we have to show others outfits! 

The lovely Storm with Shane ad Haru 

and she's Chiyuki

Antonella and Serah

A lot of people gave us compliments and asked for a photo with us!
 another group photo~

From left to right: Storm, Arianna, Chiyuki, Irene, Antonella, Rika, Haru, Irene, Shane, Piero, Gumi and Chantal!

We really can't wait for the next Harajuku Fashion Walk in February! 


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