Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Era

Hi Owlets!

Sorry for not updating for so long!
We had some problem with Moretta Comics.
We asked for the official pics because we wanted to write a post about it, but after two whole months we still have only half of the picture we needed, so we decided to move on and write the post when we'll have the material we requested. Sorry.
A little pic of us at Moretta Comics.

And what to say about us now? Two months are a lot and we changed and did a lot of work~
Here some pictures of us during this time~

Rika's last old era look

Shane's last old era look.

Haru's last old era look.

We played DDR a lot!

The cake we baked for Haru's birthday!
It's a Black Forest cake.

Steam, our new little friend.

We also started doint our nails with Shellac, so Rika did our nail art for the first time.
Red is Haru, blue is Shane and Pink is Rika. 

Rika's first new era look. Gyaru.

Shane's first new era look. Kodona.

Haru's first new era look. Aomoji.

So, we'd like to welcome our Owlets to Odd Western Lollipop new era~

Why "new era"?
That's because we changed our goals.
We changed them because we discovered, understood and remembered things and values we almost forgot, too busy looking for approval and achievements.
We realized that's not what we're looking for.
And we didn't change that much physically, but the inside change was simply huge.
We think every of us is a better and a happier person, now.
We're so proud of us you can't even imagine.
We hope you'll be proud of us too.

Stay tuned~

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